Trees in History- The Kile Oak

Kile Oak in Irvington, IN

Kile Oak in Irvington, IN

Irvington Indiana, you may know it for its restored and preserved Bona Thompson Library, Irving Theater or the Benton House but there is another historical sight to see there as well. At 5939 Beechwood Ave sits a tree that is one of the oldest Bur Oak in the State!

About the Tree

Known as the Kile Oak, this tree is 92ft. tall, 68″ in diameter and has a crown spread of 125ft.  It is owned by the Irvington Historic Landmarks Foundation and with the help of Irvington Garden Club they maintain and protect it.  Having acquired its name from the Reverend Oliver Kile who was the first to build a home on the lot, it also served as the backdrop to his funeral when he passed away in 1924.  The Kile family remained living near this tree until 1973.Vine & Branch Arborists preformed arboricultural care on this tree a few years back and found it to be awe inspiring! The crown spread of this tree encompasses most of the city lot it is growing on. No doubt the Kile family and the early developers of the area also found the tree to be awesome as they planned for the trees preservation by leaving enough soil area for the tree to grow and expand for many years to come.

When you are ready to get the kids outside take them to visit this historical tree. The neighborhood says you are welcome to visit as long as you show respect to the tree, and the surroundings. So challenge the kids to try to wrap their arms around it, with the circumference being over 17ft. it may take four or five kids to do it!
Driving Directions: From Arlington Ave. and Washington St., travel south on Arlington several blocks to Beechwood Ave. Turn right on Beechwood Ave and the Kile Oak will be on your left.

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  1. Big tree lover for my entire life and just stumbled across this monster today.

    Wow. It is a beauty. Many many thanks to all those who helped care for and preserve this magnificent tree.

    I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Jud,

    I will. And do you know of the big bur oak around Evansville? According to the big tree registry it is 7 and 3/4 feet in diameter.

    Do you know where this tree is located and do you know of any pictures of it?

    Thanks in advance.

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