Trees in History- The Benjamin Harrison Oak

ben-harrison oak

Vine & Branch performs tree care on the Benjamin Harrison Oak

Prior to becoming President, Benjamin Harrison bought 2 lots of land at 1230 N. Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN. in an auction and began building in 1874.  The house was finished one year later and cost just under $25,000.  Upon completion Mr. Harrison purchased an Oak tree and had it planted in his yard along with 2 Soft Maples, 4 Sugar Maples and 1 Elm.  The majestic Oak has graced the lawn of the President Benjamin Harrison Home for 134 years and is an integral part of the landscape.

The Oak has been designated as a historic tree by the America the Beautiful Fund.  Supported with a grant from the US Forest Service, the goal of the project was to choose one historic tree in each of the 50 states to preserve for future generations. In Indiana, the Benjamin Harrison Oak was awarded the Millennium Landmark Tree.

You can find more information by visiting or by calling (317) 631-1888.

When you visit, give the tree a pat and know that you have connected with a President of the United States!

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