About Us- Who is Jud Scott?

The Vine & Branch Office

The Jud Scott Consulting Arborist LLC and Vine & Branch Office

Jud Scott Consulting Arborist LLC –

works for you as a Consultant to the Professionals!

Jud Scott has achieved the status of Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA) with the American Society of Consulting Arborists and is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. Jud has been accepted for membership in the Arboricultural Association of the United Kingdom and is a member of the National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators. Jud is also a past President of the American Society of Consulting Arborists.

As a Registered Consulting Arborist Jud  specializes in Preservation, Appraisal, Risk Evaluation, Tree worker safety programs and  Conflict Resolution involving trees, as he advises Attorneys, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Builders, Municipalities, Insurance Companies, as well as homeowners concerning their trees and landscapes.

Jud also owns

Vine & Branch Inc.- which works to Preserve Today’s Trees Trees for Tomorrow’s Children!

Vine & Branch is an award winning Arboricultural  Contracting firm in the Indianapolis metropolitan area specializing in Tree Preservation, Plant Health Care  and Tree Care. They have been successfully providing these services for over 30 years to a diverse clientele, including commercial and industrial facilities, property developers, architectural and engineering firms, government agencies, universities, golf courses and high-end residential clients. For Vine & Branch see www.vineandbranch.net

2 Responses to “About Us- Who is Jud Scott?”

  1. Greetings Jud, We met last week at Eagle Creek while I was photographing. It was remarkable to learn of our shared heritage at Wabash and among trees. I have need of your assistance with the info about protecting our ash tree. I also wish you would connect me with the zip line people. It is likely they have a plan for photography; still, I’d like them to consider my services. Thank you for your help. Peace, Denis

    • Hey Denis

      Nice to meet you as well. I have given your info to my client. Will have to wait and see what they do?

      Would love a copy of a good pic of me which I could use (with proper credit of course)


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